iplicit grant & fund accounting software - making the complex simple

Grant and fund financial management software for multi academy trusts

iplicit was designed with the needs of MATs in mind. Its integrated grant and fund accounting capabilities enable schools to instantly see, monitor and report on monies from various sources - from your general annual grant (GAG) to one-off Department of Education grants like the Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF).

You can segment by fund-type to enable restricted and non-restricted views. Data can be used to generate reports for members, trust board, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) and any other bodies as required by governance policies.

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Flexible and powerful financial reporting

If your MAT cannot produce detailed, accurate and timely financial reports, it may find itself falling foul of legal requirements, as well as missing out on the opportunity to apply for additional grants.  

iplicit's cloud-based financial reporting software makes it easy for MATs to deliver the information stakeholders require, in the format they need. There are no limitations upon the number of elements that can be reported in the system. 

Powered by real-time data, trusts can easily keep track of funding and prevent projects from going off track. 

Dashboards provide an instant view of the most critical financial indictors, with the ability to drill down for extra detail. 

Achieving funding compliance

From progress reports and demonstrating controls against fraud and theft, to protecting ring-fenced teaching resources and ensuring value for money, the governance surrounding MAT funding is strict.

iplicit's inbuilt grant tracking software makes it easy to build a clear financial picture by offering total visibility over all projects and easy analysis capabilities.

With an unlimited number of grant and accounting dimensions, iplicit enables you to bring context and meaning to your data, so you can clearly demonstrate how funding is being spent and the impact it is having.

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Project accounting for MATs

iplicit’s project accounting features easily enable you to monitor project spending, ensuring they're on track and delivering value.

Immediately get a clear picture of all your trust's projects, with sub-projects nested beneath and assigned project managers. Committed costs, budgets, and forecasts are clearly displayed making it easy to track progress without spending hours manually manipulating data in Excel.

Invoices and expenses can be readily logged against the project in question, as can the time spent on a project.

Approval workflows also make it easy for budget holders to see and approve payments, without the need for stacks of paperwork.


Managing grants and funds for your growing MAT

Join us on Wednesday 7 February to learn how you can take financial control of your MAT's grants and projects

The various streams of funding available for core costs, capital projects, and MAT growth can be complex to navigate. But with a modern cloud-based finance system you can streamline your grant management processes and allow your finance team to spend less time chasing costs, analysing projects, correcting errors, or compiling reports.

Live Webinar - Managing grants and funds for your growing MAT
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