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Integration made easy with iplicit's open API 

iplicit has been designed to integrate with other software partners through its public API. Having an open API strategy means that iplicit can be easily integrated with other cloud-based systems and other software. These software integrations include Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM systems, plus HMRC’s MTD and Lightyear’s purchasing and AP automation software.

If you have an existing system or bespoke software that you would like us to integrate with that’s not listed below, please talk to us. Our software integrations team can assist you. In this instance we would discuss what data is needed to be brought into and out of iplicit.

ERP software integrations

Our integration partners include

Microsoft Excel
Office 365
Power BI
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4 ways to increase efficiency in the finance team

One main cause of inefficiency is manually rekeying financial information from one system to another.
On-premise software don't allow disparate internal functions (sales and finance, for example) to ‘talk’ to each other. And entry-level software like Xero, while great at this kind of integration, can’t handle more complex tasks like producing consolidated accounts from multiple legal entities. The rekeying that is required is not only mundane and time-consuming.
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For group companies, getting a real-time consolidated view of your numbers can be a real challenge, especially if you’re using multiple copies of a smaller finance system such as Xero, QuickBooks, or Sage50.
While entry-level accounting software is the perfect replacement for many bookkeeping tasks in the micro business, as that business grows the very system, that helped save so much time in the early days, becomes a restraint on growth and a real limitation on productivity.
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Integrating Excel with accounting software - Benefits

Excel is 35-years-old and still going strong with over 750 million users. It’s the world’s number one financial reporting tool and despite a never-ending parade of competition – and would-be ‘crown takers’ – it shows no signs of slowing down.
And when the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, proclaims it’s the company’s most important consumer product, can your finance department afford to ignore completely? When it comes to reporting, Excel tends to be looked down upon...

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