Finance software tailored for recruitment companies - timesheets, expenses, invoicing & more

We recognise that the recruitment sector places quite specific demands on its finance system; whether the volume of timesheets requiring submission from hundreds of mobile users, the manual invoice raising for every temp or the integration of databases to ensure billing of temps is up to the minute. 

If you are experiencing challenges within your agency, based upon the limitations of your current finance software, iplicit’s accounting software for recruitment companies can transform your finance function.  The software embraces all the benefits now facilitated through a cloud-based architecture and, with a highly intuitive navigation, in-built timesheets and the ability to set up automated workflow and approvals, you will benefit from an immensely improved environment enabling far greater levels of both effectiveness and efficiency.

iplicit is a solution that represents a seamless next-step for all on-premise finance software users within the recruitment sector.  Over 40 man-years of development have been invested to ensure that our software is not only a state-of-the-art, cloud-based offering, but is also a solution that has been tailored to accommodate the specific requirements of the recruitment industry.

Representing one of the best SaaS, cloud-based accounting software products for the small and medium-sized business up to 500 staff, iplicit accounting software for recruitment companies is transforming expectations as to what can be expected from a true-cloud accounting solution.

Voted the UK’s best Mid-Market and Enterprise Accounting Software

Accounting Excellence Awards 2020

What Our Customers Say

Profiles Creative

Profiles Creative

Lee Cook

“I’d say we can now do at least 3.5 days of the old way of doing things in less than a single afternoon!”


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If you have only 15-20 minutes, take a look at the software videos on this site; various elements of functionality have been broken down into short clips to enable you to see how it works. If you have a little more time, however, we recommend joining one of our weekly webinars where you’ll see a live presentation of the system and can ask our Product Specialist questions relating directly to the needs of your organisation.


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