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Integrated finance software for housing associations 

Many housing association finance teams need to move away from legacy housing management systems and finance management systems that are nearing the end of life.  

Mergers in the sector have also left many associations trying to work with multiple incompatible systems. 

iplicit's open API enables seamless integration with any other software of your choice. This gives you the freedom to select the “best in breed” applications from the huge range available. You can be assured that it will effortlessly integrate with any software you choose to implement, both now and in the future. 

Solving common problems in care home accounting

A common source of complexity for care homes is that funding for the same service user can come from several sources – for example, the NHS, an insurer and multiple family members. iplicit handles this simply by using its project accounting features to set up “resident accounts” that accommodate multiple sponsors for one service user.

The finance team’s work can also be complicated by large payments received from the NHS to cover multiple service users, sometimes in different homes under different legal entities. iplicit takes the labour out of intercompany receipt allocations, quickly splitting such payments and putting the funds into the books in the right places. 

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Time-saving automation for housing association finance teams 

iplicit can save many hours – and often days – of staff time every month by automating everyday accounting tasks

iplicit's automation features drastically simplify tasks such as:

      • document management 
      • approval workflows
      • bank reconciliation
      • partial VAT  
      • intercompany transactions
      • multi-company sales and purchases  
      • credit control
      • procurement and expenses

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Powerful and customisable reporting for housing associations 

iplicit provides all the reporting capabilities a housing association needs. With unlimited accounting dimensions, it allows you to slice and dice the data exactly as you want it. 

The software eliminates the need to manipulate data in Excel before it can be presented. Allowing you the flexibility to present the data differently to meet the requirements of stakeholders and regulators.

You have complete control over tagging and filtering data, allowing you to easily shift from examining the big picture to drilling down into the granular detail. 

Software that can handle partial VAT 

Preparing and submitting VAT returns can be complicated work for housing associations. 

iplicit is designed to cater for the needs of non-profits as well as businesses – and it easily handles partial VAT. 

The automation features can ensure VAT is correctly calculated, posted and reported under Making Tax Digital. 

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Finance software that handles fixed asset depreciation 

Managing fixed assets can be a laborious and error-prone task for a housing association finance team. 

iplicit's fixed asset management module eliminates hours of work in spreadsheets, handling tasks such as: 

      • capitalising assets
      • calculating and applying depreciation according to your chosen rules
      • tracking assets across multiple entities in a group
      • logging where an asset is and who’s got it
      • storing related documents such as guarantees and manuals. 


Approval workflows 

All stakeholders can have secure, permission-based access to the finance information most relevant to them, thanks to iplicit’s highly configurable authorisations and workflows.  

See information from an unlimited number of fields in real time. 

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Approval workflows
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Finance Software to Innovate, Not Complicate

The housing association sector is at the heart of our world. We understand the details that help you to get the most from your accounting solutions and why you need specialised software tailored for housing associations. Here’s our insight behind our accounting software.


iplicit's open API enables seamless integration with any software of your choice. Giving you the freedom to select the “best in breed” applications. 


Complete month end in days not weeks with automatic services, invoicing, automatic accruals and prepayments. Automate intercompany purchase and payment allocations, intercompany journals and invoicing.

Multi-dimensional Reporting

iplicit's flexible structure and unlimited dimensions enables full analysis by entity, service and fund. 

Multi-jurisdictional VAT

iplicit’s advanced Tax Management features enable you to easily manage the complexities associated with multi-jurisdiction VAT across all entities.

Workflow Authorisations

iplicit’s configurable workflow authorisations ensure that processes are followed with a full audit trail of submissions and approvals. Workflow approvals can be easily set up for each entity or department on sales, purchases, nominal transactions and even budget changes.


Monitor and control budgets at operational and consolidated accounts levels.

Easy Adoption

We’ll empower you and your team to learn about the system at your own pace, with a safe sandbox mode for multiple users to explore.

Automatic Upgrades

iplicit provides monthly system updates that are automatic, user-centric and ensure that the software continues to meet the changing needs of your sector.

Financial Consolidation

Multi-entity consolidation by group or sub group with no data exports required or additional consolidation modules. Eliminate manual consolidation with our single unified platform for your multi-entity and consolidation needs.

Multi-level GL Analysis

Analyse each entity with actuals vs. budgets by Activity, Cost Centre, Departments, Projects, Funds, Locations, it’s all configurable with iplicit.


iplicit is a full, multi-currency solution with the ability to have different exchange rates to be used for different entities, inter-company transactions and consolidation.

Document Management

Drop and drag in all related documents against a client, requisition or invoice with multiple OCR options.

Centralised Purchasing

Localised or centralised purchase requisitions, with line based intercompany apportionments.

Access and User Controls

Full data entry and data access controls to suit users, roles, departments or legal entities.

Predictable Costs

Our straightforward monthly pricing includes licence fees, award-winning support and regular updates.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's What Our Customers Say


Grand Theatre Blackpool

Mark Preston, Finance and Business Manager

"There’s a lot of inter-company work. iplicit makes that a lot easier by consolidating everything together; there’s no logging out and logging back into a different company, you can just swap between them.

We knew there was a need to make things more efficient, but we struggled to find a way to achieve that with Sage 50."


Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

Darren Tiffney, Director of Finance and Central Services

"We were using Exchequer when I joined Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, but we’d grown to a £10m-£12m turnover and it was creaking at the seams.

To reconcile the main bank account would have taken half a day. Now it takes five minutes."


Health Poverty Action

Sandra Tcheumeni Boschet, Head of Finance & Administration at Health Poverty Action

"The timesaving we experience with iplicit is enormous! We are currently preparing our year-end process, and already we are saving six weeks consolidating the various project balance sheets from various QuickBooks versions."


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For many organisations, particularly smaller non-profits, a month-end close can run into weeks. In fact, plenty of teams have members who are occupied with month-end related tasks, and a lot of spreadsheets, pretty much all the time.

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