Accounting software for handling multiple entities in students’ unions 

Your students’ union is likely to be the parent organisation for multiple entities which run nurseries, bars, welfare activities and more. 

Iplicit’s accounting software for students’ unions makes it easy to consolidate the finances of all the entities making up the union, applying the relevant VAT arrangements for each one. When income and expenditure need to be distributed between those entities, it handles the task for you. And it compiles accurate, real-time data for each part of the union as well as the whole group.

iplicit believes the implementation process for new software should not be long and disruptive. We can get a system up and running in as little as 16 working days, with the minimum of trouble for the customer.

Automated consolidation students’ unions finances

Too many finance teams spend much of their time bogged down in manual work. iplicit introduces automation for everyday tasks such as workflow and expenses approvals, bank reconciliation, intercompany transactions and consolidation.   

Invoices and purchase orders are stored with the relevant line items, eliminating the hunt for records in case of queries or at audit time.  

member of student learning about accounting software
student union member using accounting software

Easy integration with students’ union software

iplicit has an open API (application programming interface) for easy integration with other students’ union systems that you might already rely on – including student management systems like:

  • SUMS
  • expense claim systems and
  • point-of-sale software.

Getting accurate data from across the whole range of the union’s activities then becomes easier and gives the union much more financial visibility.

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Visibility of finances across students’ union budgets 

A students union consists of a host of budgets large and small, from catering operations to clubs and societies. Our students unions accounting software ensures each budget-holder benefits from accurate, real time information about their budgets and performances.   

students managing finances on student union account software
Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's What Our Customers Say


Reading Students’ Union

Jane Williams, Head of Finance and Business Support

"We're definitely making better business decisions because managers can easily access iplicit and look at the figures.”

"Most student unions have to account for partial VAT and on iplicit this is straightforward – as it can be! - and the VAT return is easy to run, reconcile and submit."


Oxford Brookes Union

Helen Bristow, Head of Finance and Resources

“I can’t imagine what would have happened during ‘Lockdown’ if we hadn’t upgraded to iplicit.

It’s much easier to create documents with iplicit and the team is always there to help with that, whereas our old system could seem clunky in comparison.”

Lincoln Students Union-DARK

Lincoln Students' Union

Helen Houghton, Group Director of Finance

“The API link now means we no longer have to manually update our main student dashboard in SUMS with figures from the finance system. Instead, that dashboard is updated daily with those balances from iplicit, so the two systems are talking to each other, backwards and forwards, on a daily basis, which is superb.”

A students’ union team member using iplicit’s accounting software having been onboarded within 16 days.

Fast onboarding

iplicit believes the implementation process for new software should not be long and disruptive. We can get a system up and running in as little as 16 working days, with the minimum of trouble for the customer.  


The Future of Finance for Students' Unions

iplicit is empowering students' unions around the UK to take control of
their finance operations and focus on what really matters.


We make remote working simple and secure. If you can access the internet, you can access iplicit accounting software – from any location, on any device, always.


A single, consolidated overview of all accounts – even across several companies or legal entities – with just one click.


Whether users have a financial background or otherwise, iplicit is intuitive and easy to navigate, with ample self-service and live support.


iplicit is the home of enterprise level functionality, at a price you can afford. It’s finally time to liberate yourself from the costs of legacy accounting products.


Make data-driven decisions with ease from a clear-cut, single version of truth.


… and it’s built around the exact needs of your student's union, such as partial VAT and MTD requirements.


Finance Software to Innovate, Not Complicate

The Students' union sector is at the heart of our world. We understand the details that help you to get the most from your accounting solutions. Here’s our insight behind our accounting software.


Don’t worry - we’ll make sure you’re prepared for your next audit, providing the full detail required by regulators, supporters and donors.

Easy Adoption

We’ll empower you and your team to learn about the system at your own pace, with a safe sandbox mode for multiple users to explore.

Automatic Upgrades

iplicit provides monthly system updates that are automatic, user-centric and ensure that the software continues to meet the changing needs of your sector.

Partial VAT

iplicit’s advanced Tax Management features enable student’s unions to easily manage the complexities associated with partial VAT.

Restricted & Unrestricted Funds

iplicit's flexible structure and unlimited dimensions enables restricted and unrestricted funds to be analysed and reported on.

SORP Compliance

Be SORP compliant, meeting the needs of FRS102 with simple handling of funds and other multiple reporting criteria.

Fund Reporting

iplicit’s fund and grant management capability enables organisations to see instantly, monies from various grants and funds. These can be segmented by fund-type to enable restricted and non-restricted views.  

Financial Consolidation

Financial consolidation software eliminates manual consolidation with a single unified platform for your multi-entity and multi-currency accounting and consolidation needs.

Project & Job Costing

Understand and manage project accounting in detail to obtain real-time views of costs, commitments, time spent, current forecast, and profitability.

Multi-Level GL Analysis

Understand actuals vs. budgets by Activity, Cost Centre, Departments, Projects, Funds, Locations, it’s all configurable with iplicit.


iplicit has been designed to ensure simple integration with Donor, Membership and Grant management systems.

Configurable multi-level workflow authorisation

iplicit’s Configurable workflow Authorisation ensures that processes are followed with a full audit trail of submissions and approvals.

Staff and Volunteer Expenses

Easily add expense claims using the iplicit mobile app, making authorisation by managers quick and simple.

Trustee Reporting

Trustee reporting is made simple with iplicit’s Dashboard and Management reporting tools.


iplicit is a full, multi-currency accounting software solution with the ability to have different exchange rates to be used for different entities, inter-company transactions and consolidation.

Predictable Costs

Our straightforward monthly pricing includes licence fees, award-winning support and regular updates.


Monitor and control budgets at operational and consolidated accounts levels.


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