Why should you upgrade to iplicit?

A true cloud platform

iplicit was built in the cloud. Accessible from any device and any browser. No remote desktop. No server costs. Just access to your system anytime, anywhere!

Unlimited dimensional reporting


Gone are the days of being tied to only cost centres and departments as methods to produce granular reporting detail. iplicit offers you the ability to ‘slice and dice’ data via unlimited dimensions and across multiple subsidiaries.

Data migration


Other providers run from data migration, iplicit has mastered it! You can you move all your data out of your legacy system and avoid paying unnecessary ‘right to use’ licenses for 7 years, just to access historical information.

iplicit is a dream!

"We worked with sage 50. I have to say, the pain we went through was horrendous information wasn't being consolidated. There were replication conflicts. We were literally driving the business blind. And then when COVID hit, and we were going hybrid, nothing worked.

"With iplicit, you're getting a high-end product for a really cost-effective premium, which really goes to show that they all care about the product and service that they're providing." Sarah Smith, Group Operations Director, A-One Insurance


Cloud accounting for Sage users

Rapid Implementation

Are you aware that you could have a new system up and running, with trained staff, in days not months? iplicit deploys in a way no other ERP vendors can compare.


Leveraging an open API framework, we offer a “complete solution” linking multiple business systems to remove manual entry and human error.

Workflow Approvals

Legacy solutions often leave the user leaning on emails or paper copies of orders to authorise/sign off. iplicit has flexible and fully auditable authorisation approvals as standard. Northing is missed or delayed. Everything is tracked.

Timesheets and Expenses

Submit and approve timesheets and expenses through our mobile app or on any device with any browser.

Real-time Consolidation

Consolidate and run management reports as quickly and accurately for one company as 100. iplicit is decided as a best-in-class multi entity offering.


iplicit has been designed as a multi-currency solution as standard. No additional costs or modules are required. Report in base or the transacting currency with 1 click.

Automation Centre

Our powerful automation centre allows for pre-built and customer designed automations to speed up critical manual processes and inject time back into your organisation.

Seamless Upgrades

Everything we create, we share. Your software is constantly upgraded to provide additional features, without affecting your customised configuration.

Auto-Bank Feeds / MTD

Easily connect all your bank accounts and HRMC credentials. No need for duplication of effort or the possibility of human error due to a fully connectable automated flow of data.


An FD's guide to a successful migration from Sage 50

You’ve relied on your finance system for many years. It’s served you well but, deep down, you know you’ve outgrown it and it’s time to move to the next level of accounting software. But just how complex will that migration be? 

iplicit founder and chief technology officer, Ian Andrews, shares his experiences of customers who have successfully made the leap from Sage 50 to iplicit's true cloud accounting solution.

Finance Director Finance System Migration Guide

iplicit Customer Success Stories


A-One Insurance Brokers

"We worked with sage 50. I have to say, the pain we went through was horrendous information wasn't being consolidated. There were replication conflicts. We were literally driving the business blind. iplicit was unlike anything we'd seen before and the staff attentively listened to our needs. And the icing on the cake for us was the fact that from the moment we decided to action and proceed to getting people set up, trained, it literally took 15 days!"

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The Grand Theatre Blackpool

"There’s a lot of inter-company work. iplicit makes that a lot easier by consolidating everything together; there’s no logging out and logging back into a different company like we had to do before, we can just swap between them. We’re getting a lot more information out of the iplicit system than we ever did with Sage. Within probably a week or two we could see we’d made the right decision. iplicit is going to make everyone’s life a lot easier."

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Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh International Festival

"Sage 200 was inflexible and cumbersome. We wanted to change to something where the reporting could be so much more customisable and flexible and easy to use. And we wanted better project reporting around our productions, to try and report on costs a bit better. We’re happy to recommend iplicit to other people who are looking at it. I’m more than happy to say that I think iplicit is a good option that they should be considering."

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It's time to take advantage of all the benefits cloud accounting offers

Despite leveraging cloud in other areas of the business, too many organisations are still relying on outdated, legacy solutions in their finance department. It's never been a better time to consider a move to cloud-based accounting software and thankfully migrations can be much easier these days. 

By downloading this Free Guide you will learn...
  • Why now it the right time to move away from legacy, on-premise software
  • How cloud can support your organisation's growth ambitions
  • The benefits for your employees and the wider organisation
  • The reasons why migrating to cloud will make you more secure
Guide Cover - Time is Right to Move to Cloud
[WEBINAR] Featured Image Moving to a Modern Cloud Finance System OD

How can how modern cloud accounting can transform your finance operations?

In this on demand webinar, iplicit is joined by Helen Bristow, Head of Finance at Oxford Brookes Union who will share her experience of transforming their finance operations by switching from Exchequer to iplicit.

The webinar will also be covering how to save unbelievable amounts of time on reporting, improve financial controls and automate many of your manual processing tasks. 

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