SaaS and Technology Company Accounting Software

We understand the needs of SaaS and Technology companies

Our powerful, true-cloud accounting software offers the visibility and control that software and technology companies need from a finance system, in order to drive consistent growth, coupled with the flexibility required for them to pivot and adapt to the ever-changing landscape.


Built for your needs

As a software company ourselves, we know exactly what tech companies need from their finance solution. Maximising your opportunity is key, and this is only possible if you have the reporting and analytics capabilities to identify where the opportunities are.

iplicit offers enterprise-level reporting functionality across unlimited dimensions at both a subsidiary and consolidated level. In addition, we also offer powerful automation capabilities to remove the manual burden of time-consuming processes like billing and revenue recognition, and we offer the workflow functionality required to get a handle on spending to control cash-burn rates.

Saas and Technology Companies accounting software

Why should you upgrade to iplicit?

Powerful reporting

iplicit offers powerful reporting capabilities allowing customers to get real-time insights into key metrics and KPIs.

Process automation 


Reducing manual workload is at the heart of what we do. iplicit will help you automate highly manual tasks like consolidation, billing, and revenue recognition. 

A true cloud platform


iplicit is available anywhere, on any device connected to the internet through any modern browser or through our mobile app. We are also API first, making integrations easy.

Cloud accounting software for SaaS and Technology companies

Unlimited Flexibility

iplicit offers unlimited dimensions allowing customers to slice and dice there data in as many ways as they need to gain the insight required to drive growth.

Real-time Consolidation

Our single unified architecture means that transactions are only entered once and are automatically consolidated in real-time for easy reporting.

Automated Billing & Revenue Recognition

Utilising our automation engine, customers can fully automate their billing and rev rec processes, removing the need for clunky and error-prone spreadsheets

API-first Architecture

Built to be extensible, iplict is easily integrated into other key business systems to provide a real-time single source of truth

Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

Create powerful dashboard reports to easily visualise key metrics and KPIs.

AP Automation

Optimise your processes and utilise time saving technology to remove the burden of manually managing your precure to pay process.

Project Accounting

Powerful project module allows for users to easy manage and gain visibility over key project metrics such as project profitability.

Timesheets & Expenses

Timesheets and expenses available through our mobile app or on any modern browser. 

Credit Control Capabilities

Easily customise your dunning processes to improve payment collection and reduce DSO. We also offer native direct debit functionality too.

Intuitive Workflow Engine

Easily customise workflows in iplicit so that the system works the way you need it to with all the approvals and controls you require.

Affordable & Accessible

With a highly competitive mid-market price point and an average of 15 days to go live, iplicit puts the power of enterprise-level accounting software in the hands of all mid-market organisations.

Auto Bank Feeds

Auto bank feeds come as standard, speeding up bank rec and payment processes and removing the chance of manual error during uploads.

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