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Hotel accounting software compatible with USALI 

iplicit allows for an unlimited number of cloud reporting dimensions, which makes it perfectly suited to the requirements of USALI (Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry).

You can slice and dice your financial data as you wish, examining the revenue, costs and profit margins of different operations such as food and beverage, bars and leisure facilities, and even see how profitable certain rooms are.

All this can be easily seen without having to export data into spreadsheets and manipulate it manually.

Software for multi-entity groups and different reporting periods

It may be that your financial reporting is complicated by having several legal entities in a group and inter-company transactions in the accounts. You might need to accommodate unusual reporting periods, such as 4-4-5 reporting (a calendar quarter consisting of two four-week “months” followed by a “month” five weeks long).

None of these are a problem in iplicit, which easily consolidates group accounts and allows for different accounting periods. With our Financial Consolidation software, all the data is in one system, providing a single source of truth, and you can switch between different views and reports at the click of a mouse.

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Accounting software which integrates with other hospitality systems

iplicit’s open API (application programming interface) allows it to be integrated smoothly with other systems you might have in place, such as a property management system (PMS), procurement or booking software.

It also provides for the easy handling of workflow authorisations, allowing spending and expenses to be authorised quickly and securely online.

Real-time financial data for hospitality 

In a sector as busy as hospitality, you can’t afford to make decisions based on figures that are weeks out of date. Without the latest information, you’re likely to feel you’re driving the business blind.

By simplifying and automating some of the most laborious and difficult accounting tasks, iplicit puts real-time data in front of you when you need It – and in the form you need it.

Cheaper and less disruptive to install than cumbersome ERP (enterprise resource planning systems), it pays dividends by streamlining processes and giving decision makers visibility over the whole business

Hotel Room

The Future of Finance for Hotels and Hospitality 

iplicit is empowering hotels and hospitality around the world to take control of
their finance operations and focus on what really matters.

A True-Cloud Offering

We make remote working simple and secure. If you can access the internet, you can access iplicit accounting software – from any location, on any device, always.

Unified For All Legal Entities

A single, consolidated overview of all accounts – even across several companies or legal entities – with just one click.

Simple To Use

Whether users have a financial background or otherwise, iplicit is intuitive and easy to navigate, with ample self-service and live support.


iplicit is the home of enterprise level functionality, at a price you can afford. It’s finally time to liberate yourself from the costs of legacy accounting products.

Comprehensive Reporting

Make data-driven decisions with ease from a clear-cut, single version of truth.

It’s Your Software

… and it’s built around your exact needs, such as partial VAT and MTD requirements.


Finance Software to Innovate, Not Complicate

The hotels and hospitality sector is at the heart of our world. We understand the details that help you to get the most from your accounting solutions. Here’s our insight behind our accounting software.


Don’t worry - we’ll make sure you’re prepared for your next audit, providing the full detail required to  to stay compliant with accounting standards.

Easy Adoption

We’ll empower you and your team to learn about the system at your own pace, with a safe sandbox mode for multiple users to explore.

Automatic Upgrades

iplicit provides monthly system updates that are automatic, user-centric and ensure that the software continues to meet the changing needs of your sector.

Real-time Consolidation

Financial consolidation software eliminates manual consolidation with a single unified platform for your multi-entity and consolidation needs.

Multi-Level GL Analysis

Understand actuals vs. budgets by Activity, Cost Centre, Departments, Projects, Funds, Locations, it’s all configurable with iplicit.

Unlimited Flexibility

iplicit offers unlimited dimensions allowing customers to slice and dice their data in as many ways as they need to gain the insight required to drive growth.

Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

Create powerful dashboard reports to easily visualise key metrics and KPIs.


iplicit has been designed to ensure simple integration with room booking and spa management systems.

Configurable multi-level workflow authorisation

iplicit’s Configurable workflow Authorisation ensures that processes are followed with a full audit trail of submissions and approvals.

Staff Expenses

Easily add expense claims using the iplicit mobile app, making authorisation by managers quick and simple.


iplicit is a full, multi-currency solution with the ability to have different exchange rates to be used for different entities, inter-company transactions and consolidation.


Monitor and control budgets at operational and consolidated accounts levels.

AP Automation

Optimise your processes and utilise time saving technology to remove the burden of manually managing your procure to pay process.

Credit Control Capabilities

Easily customise your dunning processes to improve payment collection and reduce DSO. We also offer native direct debit functionality too.

Intuitive Workflow Engine

Easily customise workflows in iplicit so that the system works the way you need it to with all the approvals and controls you require.

Auto Bank Feeds

Auto bank feeds come as standard, speeding up bank rec and payment processes and removing the chance of manual error during uploads.

Predictable Costs

Our straightforward monthly pricing includes licence fees, award-winning support and regular updates.

Customers who trust in our hotel accounting software

Lime Wood Hotel-header-DARK

Lime Wood Hotel

"We were impressed that iplicit allows an unlimited number of dimensions in financial reporting. That means there is no need to spend a lot of time outside the finance system, compiling figures in spreadsheets. It will also mean less time is needed for preparing meaningful management and departmental reports."

“Much of the time the team previously spent on these tasks can now be released so they can add further value to the award-winning business of which we’re all proud.”

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Fairlawns Hotel and Spa-header-DARK

Fairlawns Hotel & Spa

“iplicit will give us a whole new level of visibility over our financial data, with accurate and detailed information in real time."

“We were impressed by the way the system can also handle authorisation workflows and expenses and will integrate with our room booking and spa systems. It’s ideally suited to the requirements of the hospitality industry.”

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The Charleston Trust

“Being able to see the two companies – the main Trust and its trading company – side by side in one ledger is amazing,”

“I really like the way I can quickly and easily change how I view information within iplicit. I can view by fund, by period, by project, just by changing the view with the little cog icon in iplicit, rather than by running six different reports. When I realised I could do that, I thought: ‘Mind blown.’”

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