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Cloud accounting software can transform the often complicated finance and bookkeeping work of media and publishing businesses.  

Automation liberates finance teams from the need to rekey information or log in and out of different software. Consolidation tools make quick work of handling intercompany transactions. Flexible reporting functions put real-time information at the fingertips of decision-makers, with no need for figures to be extracted from the finance system and compiled in spreadsheets. 

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Core Features of Our Accounting Software for Media & Publishers: 

A team using media accounting software.

Automation of Finance Tasks

iplicit's array of automation features can save days of staff time every month for a finance team.  

Tasks such as bank reconciliation, revenue recognition, accounts payable and credit control can be handled automatically by the finance system, allowing your team to focus on the higher-value tasks that grow the business. 


Powerful Reporting 

iplicit gives a publishing business’s decision-makers a comprehensive, real-time view of the financial picture. It can generate exactly the reports your business leadership needs, allowing them to drill down from the wide view to the detail of any budget or transaction. The result is that decisions are based on information that is complete and correct up to the minute.

Two members of a media company using accounting software for publishers to produce accurate reports.

Integration with Other Systems

iplicit was created for easy integration with other business software. Whether it’s a CRM system, project management tools, time sheets manager or expenses app, it can be made to talk to the finance system. 

This integration can be done with the aid of iplicit’s public API (application programming interface), through “out of the box” arrangements with third parties such as Lightyear or through easy-to-use integration platforms such as Zapier and Besyncly. 

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Approval Workflows

There’s no need for the preparation of accounts to be held up because invoices or expenses claims are in the post or awaiting signature in an in-tray.  

iplicit’s approval workflow features allow budget holders to review and approve spending using a computer or a mobile device, wherever they have an internet connection. 

Project Accounting

Project accounting

iplicit allows you to easily track costs and revenue for any part of the work you do. Its project accounting features and unlimited number of accounting dimensions allow you to analyse any part of the operation at the click of a button.

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Quick Tour

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Multi-Entity Support

Media and publishing businesses often need to establish their different ventures as separate legal entities – but dealing with the resulting intercompany transactions can be laborious work.  

iplicit automates all this intercompany recharging to consolidate the accounts. What’s more, adding a new entity to the system takes minutes and costs nothing extra

A financial director within a publishing firm using accounting software for media and publishers.


Producing consolidated accounts need not involve time-consuming work in spreadsheets and a lengthy month-end close.  

iplicit takes the complexity out of multi-entity accounting, taking care of intercompany eliminations and factoring in different currencies and period-end dates to provide decision makers with comprehensive reports and accounts.  

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Why Choose iplicit’s Accounting Software for Media & Publishers 

Affordable cloud software 

iplicit provides the powerful features of cloud accounting software without the expense and disruption that come with complex ERP systems. It offers a lifeline for businesses held back by entry-level cloud systems or clunky legacy systems

Time-saving automation 

iplicit takes care of the time-consuming tasks that can leave a finance team bogged down. Processes such as bank reconciliation, intercompany transactions and credit control are automated, freeing up days of staff time per month for a typical finance team in a medium-sized organisation. 

Easy implementation

iplicit was born out of decades of experience implementing software. Some complex ERP systems can take up to 120 business days to implement and take a year or more to settle down. iplicit can be installed within a calendar quarter, taking 16-18 days of implementation time. 

Comprehensive, flexible reporting

Whether your business is a single publishing company or a complex group, iplicit quickly assembles complete, accurate consolidated accounts, presented the way the reader needs them – ensuring decision makers are working with the best and most current management information.  

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Customers using our accounting software

Jewish Chronicle-case-study-header-DARK

The Jewish Chronicle

Anna Nemchinova, Finance Director

“With iplicit, invoices are scanned, we’ve got visibility of them, and with iplicit’s traffic light system, we can see who needs nudging, and send them reminders. It’s all automated.” 

“iplicit has brought about enormous time savings, my colleagues used to work long hours before. That has been cut down quite significantly and they're able to finish their work at 5pm most days,” 

RRC case-study-header-DARK

RRC International

Andrew Fox, Head of Finance

“iplicit has cut the amount of time we spend on bank and other general ledger reconciliations. Not only is there a time saving from previously manually keying transactions into the system, but also a higher level of accuracy as bank and other transactions are automatically entered via the feeds. This enables transactions to be identified earlier which in turn leads to a more satisfied customer as they are quickly enrolled.”

“The big difference is that when we want a report produced, we can produce it, rather than having to go to our IT team as we used to – and that saves a lot of time.”

P. Johnson & Son-case-study-header-DARK

P. Johnson & Son

Adam Johnson, Managing Director

“We moved seven years’ worth of Sage data into the archive and produced opening balances. It was a really easy process, enabling us to shut down our old system and have no need to pay for ‘right to use’ access to get to historical information.” 

“The moment we started using iplicit extensively we realised that we no longer needed to hire an external bookkeeper; This has saved us £1,000 a month already.”

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