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Effortless Live Integration With Microsoft Excel And Power BI

Although iplicit provides comprehensive reporting, tailored for departments and roles, we recognise some users are keen to use existing Excel and Power BI functionality alongside their accounting software. We understand that many finance teams have already invested a considerable number of hours to create bespoke report packs within these applications respectively.

This isn’t an issue with iplicit; our add-ons offer seamless integration with both systems enabling users to decide how and where they wish to display their enquiries, views and reports or when to use our dedicated Function Library that ensures no re-keying is required and packs can refresh live when required.

Excel Function Library

Excel Function Library

Dedicated Function Libraries for Excel and Power BI

iplicit’s Excel fx library enables simple creation of management information

Choose the function from the available list and complete the parameters

Change the parameters at any time and the data will update live

The functions can be used in both the desktop and web editions of Office365

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Here's What Our Customers Say


The Recruitment Group

Narinder Uppal, Finance Director

“When we were looking at products, there were two clear competitors. And ultimately, the demos showed that iplicit was light years ahead. It is a product that I'd highly recommend.

"iplicit is probably the most flexible system I’ve ever used. It saves masses of time. All the finance team have said to me, at one point or another, that the best thing I’ve ever done was bringing in iplicit.”


Third Energy

Ruth Motley, Finance Manager

‘We looked at a number of systems in the marketplace including NetSuite, SAP, Sage and iplicit. It came down to a choice of two systems in the end, because NetSuite was unresponsive and Sage 200 seemed like a step backwards. While SAP was interesting, it was just too expensive and iplicit delivered everything we wanted at much less cost.’


Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing​

Keith Stephenson, Director of Finance and Operations

“Being able to rehearse workflows and play with configurations, without risk, has been invaluable to us and also serves to make us much more confident with customisation.”