Signs that your clients need iplicit

Large transaction volumes
Multiple legal entities
Stock control and inventory management
Large digital landscape
Consolidated and multi-currency reporting
Project and job costing
Automation and workflow capability
Multiple tax jurisdictions
Dynamic analysis and reporting requirements
Multiple user types and budget holders

Why should you become an iplicit partner?

Attract new

Enter new markets and appeal to larger clients that are otherwise found difficult to service or break into.

Become your clients' trusted business advisor

Deliver high-value advisory services using powerful insights and business intelligence generated from iplicit, reducing the likelihood of insourcing.

Retain existing

Provide your existing on-premise or growing clients with a scalable and dynamic solution. Increase efficiency, provide better business insights, and reduce the burden of month-end close through powerful automation.

Generate new revenue streams

iplicit goes live in an average of just 16 days - train and develop your team to implement iplicit and generate new revenue streams.

We've seen the signing of a new client that would not have been possible without us running iplicit

"iplicit removed all the hassle and the responsibility that we had become accustomed to over recent years... Once that became our new modus operandi, our focus then turned towards the additional services that we could deliver to our client base, and with relative ease.

"Things like real-time reporting, dashboards and workflow in iplicit are all features that we feel will have a material impact on the effectiveness of our clients’ business processes and decision-making." - Garry Mumford, Managing Director, Insight Associates


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BDO Interview Whitepaper


Ian Bowden, Tax Technology Partner

"I believe that clients should be paying their tax accountants for their technical knowledge, insight, experience and the advice they can provide, not to manipulate and transform large quantities of data for inclusion in a tax return which historically is exactly what they have been doing. The abundance of data means the profession needs to change, to look at a lower cost for the services which can be commodified, and to find ways to add value to their clients."


pwc Interview Whitepaper


Julian Gray, Partner and South East Regional Market Leader

“We need to look at this differently if we are to solve complex challenges in a sustainable way which is human led, technology powered - in other words, bringing a combination of human ingenuity, and the passion and the experience that comes with that, alongside the power of technology. Clients will be capable of using the new technology but it’s what comes out of the process, 
the insight, which is the differentiator for an advisory firm."


MHA Macnintye Hudson Interview Whitepaper

MHA Macintyre Hudson

Jason Mitchell, Head of Technology

“The holy grail of providing real time advice is totally dependent on the quality of the information put into the system. If what happens is the application of that old saying about data entry - rubbish in, rubbish out - it won’t enable an advisor to suggest anything meaningful, whether in real time or not... and technology provides a reason for an advisor to be speaking to the client throughout the year, which should strengthen the relationship."




Lara Brennan,
Partner - Head of SME

“Companies are going to expect more than just a compliance service from an accountancy firm, if they aren’t already; they should be looking to their accountant to be more of a business partner who can also prepare their end of year accounts and tax return... So to add value for the SME, client services 
have to be advisory-led, such as business planning, how to adapt 
to changing market conditions, and putting together a financial plan 
to underpin that.


key features of iplicit’s accounting software for accountants

iplicit offers enterprise-level functionality - without sky-high costs

Customer success stories


Insight Associates

Garry Mumford

"Could I have an ‘I Love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration. We are certainly looking to grow and I believe that our new technology proposition will be a key factor in facilitating that growth."


A-One Insurance Group

Sarah Smith

"Xero was too basic for what we needed and the bigger players, NetSuite, Intacct and Dynamics just seemed too complex and too expensive. iplicit was unlike anything we'd seen before and the staff attentively listened to our needs. And the icing on the cake for us was the fact that from the moment we decided to action and proceed to getting people set up, trained, it literally took 15 days!"


Health Poverty Action

Sandra Tcheumeni Boschet
"The timesaving we experience with iplicit is enormous! We are currently preparing our year-end process and already we are saving 6 weeks of our time consolidating the various project balance sheets from various Quickbooks versions.  With our old system, each Donor report would take 3 weeks to produce, with iplicit if all data has been entered correctly, a report can be done in less than 2 days!" 

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Originally from Poole in Dorset, Matt is a Chartered Management Accountant who previously worked at Mazars UK as Financial Outsourcing Manager. Matt was responsible for a team of 14 spanning two UK offices that provided and delivered accounting and outsourcing services to a broad spectrum of clients ranging from sole traders through to large multinational corporates.

Get in touch with Matt today to discuss iplicit’s multiple partner offerings and how our award-winning accounting software for accountants can help boost your revenues and attract new clients.

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