Implementing iplicit

What can you expect from us?

Whether or not you’ve done it before, changing a major piece of software can be a daunting experience. We understand that and we’re dedicated to making the process as painless as possible for you.

Sam Curtis, our Customer Service Director, leads our team of implementation consultants, drawing on her years of experience implementing not only iplicit but Exchequer, IRIS and other systems.

Sam Curtis
Testing software

Ensuring a smooth transition from day one

The aim during the thorough implementation process is to make sure you are set up correctly from the start – with all the tools and reports needed to make a real difference to your business.

iplicit's implementation process includes plenty of opportunities for you to tell us how you want your system configured. And it allows time for you and your team to get confident with iplicit through experience in a sandbox version of your own system.


How to implement an accounting system

Get a feel for how our implementation team will support with our recent webinar. Our experts share their best practice advice and top tips to ensure a successful software transition.

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Implementation Experiences

What Our Customers Say


Reading University

Jane Williams, Head of Finance and Business Support
"I've changed accounts packages a number of times in my career and you've got to get the implementation right. Both the implementation and support desk at iplicit were brilliant. They were very quick, very supportive. I can't fault them."

The Charleston Trust

Louise Zandstra, Director of Finance and Enterprise
"Having gone through one quite bruising implementation process with a non-finance system, I couldn't afford to have another experience like that. But iplicit was a dream. We're really delighted by it."

A-One Insurance Group

Sarah Smith, Group Operations Director
"iplicit was unlike anything we'd seen before and the staff attentively listened to our needs. And the icing on the cake for us was the fact that from the moment we decided to action and proceed to getting people set up, trained, it literally took 15 days!"

How the implementation process works


The Plan

Our implementation consultant will discuss with you what the implementation will involve, how long it will take and what the finished product will look like. We call this bit the Project Kick-Off.

We’ll review your specific needs, including how data will be brought across from your old system, how reporting will work, who needs to be set up with authorisation permissions and who needs to be trained. We’ll agree what our team and yours need to do.

At the end of this part, there will be a Project Initiation Document (PID) for you to sign when you’re happy with it.


The Sandbox

You’ll be able to get hands-on with iplicit in a “sandbox” environment before anything goes live.

It’s helpful if we have some basic data to make the sandbox as realistic as possible – things like legal entities and bank accounts, a chart of accounts and details of customers and suppliers. (We won’t need real transaction documents.)

This will help you make some early decisions about how the live system should be customised, as well as providing an environment where your team can train and try things without breaking anything.



During the process, iplicit will configure the sandbox so it gets ever closer to the way you want the live system to work. We’ll continually configure and test things, refining features such as user permissions, reports, enquiries, workflow and interfaces.



iplicit's team will be building the system to reflect the decisions you have made along the way.

They will move your data to the new system and test it to make sure everything will work as required. Documentation, training and communication plans will all be worked out. There will be some re-setting and rapid repetition of testing to make sure everything is set up to work well.



Once your system is built, we’ll carry out user acceptance testing (UAT) to make everything is running as it should. The findings are picked up as our team revise the build. Nothing goes live until you’ve given it the green light.



Your team can get their training through hands-on experience, demonstrations, videos and webinars. By the time we’ve finished, you should be in a position to deliver refresher training to your own staff, although iplicit can also get involved in that.



Once you’ve signed off on everything, it’ll be time for you to go live with iplicit. In some cases, that can be done in phases.

Your live system will look just like the sandbox version that you and iplicit have been refining together.

You’ll be in close contact with iplicit in the early phases of using the live system. Once you’re confident that everything is operating smoothly, our implementation people can hand you over to our expert, UK-based support team to handle any queries that might come up in future.


Go-Live Review

As with any big project, it’s important to come together afterwards to monitor how things are going. Our team and yours will conduct a post-implementation review to make sure any lessons are learned and any outstanding points are addressed.

Customer support

Once your system is live, our highly experienced, UK-based support team are on hand to help you, by email or phone, from 9am-5.30pm daily.

We have a Net Promoter Score of 58 (that’s considered excellent) and a practically zero rate of customer “churn”. So you can be confident you’ll be properly looked after.

How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.