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Optimise your accounts payable automation with automated accounts payable software

iplicit makes it easy for you to see who needs paying and whose debts need chasing.

Its accounts payable automation features give you simplicity, clarity and minimal need for manual intervention.

Accounts payable 

iplicit offers the time-saving advantages of accounts payable (AP) automation to every customer. 

You can choose between iplicit’s own AP automation or its easy integration with third-party software such as Lightyear. Either way, you can expect to save time and increase accuracy by digitising previously manual processes. 

The accounts payable automation software compares incoming invoices with your supplier records and suggests matches for each line item. You get to review and authorise its matches before the system creates a purchase invoice. And thanks to machine learning, the matches get better all the time. 

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Credit Control

iplicit keeps track of your aged debts and can automatically send the appropriate reminders. 

You can see on one screen the details of your debtors, your transactions with them and any credit control notes. 

The software can apply a grace period and send the appropriate reminder for the debt in question, from gentle nudge to legal warning. You stay in control but have less to do as the system chases debts for you.  

What is accounts payable (AP) automation?

Accounts payable automation is a process that streamlines the work of a finance team by seeking to match each item on an incoming invoice with a supplier record. This means there is no need to manually log invoices or search for a purchase order. 

A human still checks the suggested matches and a purchase invoice is created when a match is approved. 

Does iplicit come with accounts payable automation?

Yes. iplicit has developed its own powerful accounts payable automation features, giving all its customers the opportunity to benefit from AP software.  

How does iplicit handle accounts payable?

iplicit’s AP automation software examines each incoming invoice line by line. It searches the system’s supplier records to find likely matches. You or your finance colleagues review the suggested matches and each time you approve one, a purchase invoice is created in the system.  

Does iplicit integrate with accounts payable systems such as Lightyear?

Yes. iplicit integrates with Lightyear straight “out of the box” and can be easily integrated with other AP automation software too. This gives the iplicit customer a range of accounts payable options.   

Does accounts payable automation make mistakes?

AP automation suggests matches between invoices and suppliers, but a human has to approve them before a purchase invoice is generated. iplicit's AP automation software also tells you how confident it is about any suggested match. It learns from human decisions all the time, so the suggested matches become ever more accurate as you go along.

Does iplicit include credit control and accounts receivable automation?

Yes. iplicit keeps track of who needs paying and when. It can issue the appropriate reminders and warning letters to aged debtors, following rules set by you.

Can I chase debts automatically with iplicit?

Yes. iplicit’s accounts receivable features simplify the process of dealing with aged debtors.  

iplicit keeps track of these debts and can chase them for you automatically, issuing the appropriate reminder, from a gentle nudge to a legal warning.  

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Read Our Reviews

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Insight Associates

Garry Mumford

‘Could I have an ‘I love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration.’


Third Energy

Ruth Motley

‘We looked at a number of systems in the marketplace including NetSuite, SAP, Sage and iplicit. It came down to a choice of two systems in the end, because NetSuite was unresponsive and Sage 200 seemed like a step backwards. While SAP was interesting, it was just too expensive and iplicit delivered everything we wanted at much less cost.’


Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing​

Keith Stephenson​

“Being able to rehearse workflows and play with configurations, without risk, has been invaluable to us and also serves to make us much more confident with customisation.”


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