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Ensuring Organisations Have The Correct Level Of Control

With hybrid working environments now commonplace, Approval Accounting Software Workflows have become a ‘must have’ feature for virtually all organisations; enabling the right level of control to be maintained, irrespective of how disparate the resources may be.

With iplicit's cloud-based Approval Workflow solution, purchase requisitions, orders and the like can be approved according to value, department, type and any other number of attributes that may be appropriate. A multi-level rules system is tailored to your organisational requirements – handling the simplest of one-step approval requirements to much more complex decision logic.

Workflow examples

  • Purchase Requisition / Order approval
  • New supplier authorisation
  • Approval of supplier bank detail changes
  • Departmental forecast updates
  • Expense claim multi-level approval and authorisation
Ensuring Organisations Have The Correct Level Of Control

Secure Digital Approval Accounting Workflow Software

Security is also enhanced using approval workflow functionality; protecting the organisation against fraud. Ensuring authorisation is automatically required, for items such as adding a new supplier or changing bank details provides peace of mind through separation of duty vs. function.

iplicit's Approval Workflow feature provides audit trails and activity logs, which enable organisations to track and monitor every step of the approval process. This transparency helps identify any suspicious activities, while supporting compliance requirements.

By offering secure cloud hosting the Approval Accounting Workflow Software eliminates the need for organisations to maintain their own infrastructure.


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Insight Associates

Garry Mumford

‘Could I have an ‘I Love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration.’

P. Johnson & Son-case-study-header-DARK

P. Johnson & Son

Adam Johnson

“We moved seven years’ worth of Sage data into the archive and produced opening balances. It was a really easy process, enabling us to shut down our old system and have no need to pay for ‘right to use’ access to get to historical information.” 


Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing​

Keith Stephenson​

“Being able to rehearse workflows and play with configurations, without risk, has been invaluable to us and also serves to make us much more confident with customisation.”