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Managing Budgets and Forecasts

Key to most modern organisations today is the ability to budget quickly and easily. iplicit's cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software enables teams to build multi-dimensional budgets, and reforecast regularly with ease from the ground up. Departmental or project budgets can be automatically consolidated to provide an overarching organisational view.

Key stakeholders across the organisation are able to view actuals vs forecast live at any time and make decisions without the need to wait for information to be provided by the finance team.

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Flexible multi-level budgeting

Flexible Multi-Level Budgeting

iplicit’s multidimensional GL enables organisations to truly understand in detail income and costs. The budget management features replicate these dimensions allowing you to budget with this same level of granularity.

With iplicit’s cloud-based budgeting and forecasting software, stakeholders are able to reforecast for their department, area or project as and when appropriate. An automated workflow will then trigger approval requests to be sent to relevant authorising individuals. Following their approval, the new forecast will be automatically consolidated into a new full organisation forecast.

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