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To have a better overview of the business performance and save time.

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The Jewish Chronicle goes paperless by investing in a new finance system

The Jewish Chronicle is the world’s oldest newspaper for the Jewish community, enjoying a reputation for agenda-setting news coverage, investigations, features and opinion columns. It invested in a new finance system after the historic title was acquired by new owners. 

Anna Nemchinova, the publisher’s Finance Director, told how in April 2020 she led the business to iplicit, which she hoped would give her a much better oversight of the business’s performance as well as saving large amounts of staff time. 

“The old system was inadequate and that's what initiated the search for the new provider,” she says.

‘iplicit gave us the simplicity we needed’ 

The old on-premise finance system had been in place for more than 20 years. “It wasn’t user-friendly. It was difficult to extract any information, there was no visibility, and everything took you 10 steps to get somewhere,” Anna says. 

“We did extensive research on various systems. I think we looked at about five to seven different systems. 

“We looked at systems from complex ERPs like Sage and NetSuite, which is very expensive, to the very simple, like Xero and there weren’t that many in the middle. I know that’s iplicit’s target market.  
“Sage Intacct wasn't as user-friendly from my point of view and it was a bit too expensive for us because we're quite a small business.” 

Anna had a list of features she was looking for. They included automatic import of bank feeds for reconciliation; being able to see invoices attached to line items; easy authorisation for purchase invoices; and the ability to see key information in a customisable dashboard.  

“iplicit offered simplicity with the right price tag,” she adds. 

‘We save over seven hours a week by using iplicit's automations and workflow authorisation tools’ 

Among the advantages of iplicit was its workflow authorisation feature. 

“With the old system, invoices used to be put in a file and given individually to people responsible for that department to sign them off,” says Anna. “Sometimes they were left on their desk and you had to chase them. 

“With iplicit, invoices are scanned, we’ve got visibility of them, and with iplicit’s traffic light system, we can see who needs nudging, and send them reminders. It’s all automated.” 

“iplicit has brought about enormous time savings, my colleagues used to work long hours before. That has been cut down quite significantly and they're able to finish their work at 5pm most days,” she says. 

The automated bank feeds have made a big difference. “I’d say it saves seven hours a week,” says Anna. 

“iplicit has brought about enormous time savings, my colleagues used to work long hours before. That has been cut down quite significantly and they're able to finish their work at 5pm most days.”


Anna Nemchinova, Finance Director

Anna Nemchinova The Jewish Chronicle

Anna Nemchinova, Finance Director

‘I can get answers quickly now’ 

Anna’s favourite feature of iplicit is the visibility it gives her. 

“The fact that I can see all invoices attached to the actual line item, that’s great,” she says. 

“We went paperless. I think finance is one of the few departments that are paperless and iplicit enabled that. 

“With the old system, if I was asked any questions, it would take me time to get information, because everything had to be put in Excel and it wasn’t even that easy to download anything into Excel. It would come out as a PDF and I would have to manually type things into Excel to work them out. 

“Now, I can usually give answers fairly quickly if anyone else asks me anything – and all the numbers are in my head because I feel so comfortable with what I'm seeing in front of me.” 

‘Everyone was easy-going and friendly’  

Implementation of iplicit was less complex than Anna anticipated. “I would say it took a maximum of a week with everything, including filling in all the documents required,” she says. 

The implementation included integration with the Jewish Chronicle’s CRM system, Knowledge Prospect, which generates invoices that are imported into iplicit. 

“Staff were working remotely so all the training was done that way and all the support was done remotely. It went really smoothly,” says Anna. 

“I found everybody at iplicit very easy-going and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. Some of my team were worried about changing the system after they’d spent 20 years with the old one, but they all learned it very quickly.” 

‘It was important to have a clear view’ 

With the Jewish Chronicle looking to a bright future, it was important that Anna could always have a good view of the data to ensure efficiency. 

“It was very important to me as a financial controller that I could see the costs clearly and what can be controlled, what can be reviewed – and I wasn’t getting it from the old system,” she says. 

“With iplicit, I was amazed that you could drill down from the top, right to the bottom, to the invoice, in just a few clicks. 

“I’m really pleased with the product.” 

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Kristian Salter, Chief Financial Officer

"As for why I chose iplicit over the other systems? I would say the API was a key criteria for us; we needed to choose a solution that could integrate seamlessly with other systems – not just the one we’d built but others that we use within the company too."



Jon Anton, Consulting Director

"The final two contenders were Netsuite and iplicit and, from a functionality perspective, I don’t think there was much in it – both systems are very capable.”



A-One Insurance Group

A-One Insurance Group

Sarah Smith, Group Operations Director

"The real-time reporting has been business changing. We've been able to consolidate all the businesses at once so we can grab very realistic and up-to-date snapshots at a moment's notice."