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We understand QuickBooks users

We have designed a 21st century best-in-class cloud solution that represents a seamless next-step for all entry-level cloud accounting users, including those using QuickBooks accounting software.

Over 40 man-years of development have been invested to ensure that iplicit software is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based offering.

Upgrading to iplicit will enable you to continue to enjoy all the cloud benefits to which you have become accustomed, while being able to exploit a vastly more comprehensive system. 


Built for your needs

Automatic upgrades, no expensive modular additions, and automation and time-saving at the heart of every area.

iplicit is a solution that simultaneously recognises your frustrations with your current software while understanding the various nuances and features that made you love it.

Popular features including Excel Reporting, Drill-Down, Daybooks, Unlimited History and Tree views are included but enhanced with extra features and functions making them applicable to today’s requirements.

Built for your needs - Exchequer Customers

Why should you upgrade to iplicit?

A true cloud platform

iplicit was built specifically for the cloud. Accessible from any device and any browser. No more relying on remote desktop. No server costs. Just access to your system anytime, anywhere! 

User-designed reports  


Achieved via editable enquiry screens, choose data columns, sort and filter any data or attribute within the system. Take the next step from predefined report packs and dispense with expensive development and/or outsourced report building. 

Data migration


Other providers run from data migration, iplicit has mastered it! You can you move all your data out of your old finance system and avoid paying unnecessary ‘right to use’ licences just to access historical information.

iplicit ticked all the boxes for us - my team is still raving about it!

"Having everything integrated into one system, with one interface and none of the access restrictions or security concerns was a massive step-up in capability and a significant reduction in the burden on the business.

"Now, we have greater peace of mind, fewer support issues and a user experience that is a world away from what our team and clients have been used to." - Garry Mumford, Managing Director, Insight Associates


A true cloud accounting alternative to QuickBooks

Rapid Implementation

Are you aware that you could have a new system up and running, with trained staff, in days not months? iplicit deploys in a way no other ERP vendors can compare.

Unlimited Dimensional Reporting

Gone are the days of being tied to only cost centres and departments, as methods to produce granular reporting detail. iplicit offers you the ability to slice and dice data via unlimited dimensions and across multiple subsidiaries.

Seamless Updates

iplicit provide monthly system updates that are automatic, user-centric and ensure that the software continues to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

Timesheets and Expenses

Submit and approve Timesheets and expenses available through our mobile app or any device or browser.

Real-time Consolidation

Consolidate and run management reports as quickly and accurately for one company as 100. iplicit is a best-in-class multi entity offering 


iplicit has been designed as a multi-currency solution as standard. No additional costs or modules. Report in base or transacting currency with 1 click.


Leveraging an open API framework, we offer a “complete solution” linking multiple business systems to remove manual entry and human error and give you 360 degree visibility. 

Automation Centre

Our powerful automation centre allows for pre-built and customer designed automations to speed up critical manual processes and inject time back into your organisation.


Approval Workflows 

Entry level solutions often leave the user leaning on emails or paper copies of orders to authorise/sign off. iplicit has flexible and fully auditable authorisation approvals as standard. Northing is missed or delayed. Everything is tracked. 

Affordable and Accessible  

iplicit bridges the gap between off-the-shelf entry-level SME solutions and large ERP offerings. Providing huge value and functionality at an affordable, mid-market, price. 


iplicit’s cloud native accounting solution is the ‘Best UK Enterprise Accounting/ERP Software’ award winner for AccountingWEB, for the last two years consecutively.

Auto Bank Feeds / MTD

Easily connect all your bank accounts and HRMC credentials. No need for duplication of effort or the possibility of human error due to a fully connectable automated flow of data.

Don't take our word for it

These former QuickBooks customers love using iplicit


Reading Students' Union

Jane Williams, Head of Finance and Business Support

"Because we were with QuickBooks desktop, I’d had to make a decision at quite a speed. The process of moving to iplicit was so good, so thorough and so clear.

"We're definitely making better business decisions because managers can easily access iplicit and look at the figures.”

"Most student unions have to account for partial VAT and on iplicit this is straightforward – as it can be! - and the VAT return is easy to run, reconcile and submit."


Health Poverty Action

Sandra Tcheumeni Boschet, Head of Finance and Administration
"Primarily, the reason why we changed QuickBooks was because it wasn’t a unified finance system. We had multiple copies, and versions, running to cover all the territories and it was extremely difficult to have a clear understanding of finances, across all entities, in real- time. The timesaving we experience with iplicit is enormous! We are currently preparing our year-end process, and already we are saving six weeks consolidating the various project balance sheets from various QuickBooks versions."

Profiles Creative

Lee Cook, Financial Controller
"We used a timesheet portal and QuickBooks and considered Intime, Sage and expansions of the existing systems. In the end, our evaluations identified that iplicit could replace several of our existing systems and be more effective as one single solution. Not only is iplicit as good as anything I’ve ever used with regard to resilience but the fact that it’s now all in one single solution, with timesheets, reporting and accounting – it’s truly remarkable. Installing iplicit saved us a significant amount of time and increased our accuracy massively.."

Finance teams are critical to any organisation's success

There's no denying it's been a challenging few years for the finance team, with Brexit, Covid complications and a generally uncertain economic outlook. Many will be under pressure to not only cut costs and increase productivity, but also spot opportunities for the business to grow. 

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