Our implementation and onboarding process is streamlined and process-driven to ensure we provide a positive, far quicker and less disruptive implementation than you can expect with expensive ERP systems. On average, the whole process is just 16 days. 

Our implementation team can build the system to your requirements, allowing for plenty of testing and training before you agree you’re ready to go live. 

iplicit's customer support, both before and after implementation, has attracted a host of rave reviews on Capterra.com and G2.  

Data Transition

Data Transition

We help you manage your data transition by providing guidance as to what data you need to bring across and provide import templates for all of your static data. It’s a great opportunity for you to review and cleanse your data. At this point, you can design the reports in whatever way suits you best.

 iplicit is unique in that it has a data archive facility which allows users to bring across their old financial data, safely.

Once the data is migrated we’ll create a ‘sandbox’ so you can start using the system with your data in it and test features.

Consultant support

Consultant Support

Once iplicit’s software is set up, our consultants continue to support our customers through the changeover.

This ensures that the first month end and management reports are completed before handing over to our Account Manager and Customer Support team.

Considering the switch from PS Financials?

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Accounting Excellence Awards 2020

Your Benefits
Built to integrate

Integration is a necessity today, so we’ve made this straightforward. From bank statement feeds to your company’s payroll, you can keep any existing systems you want to run alongside iplicit. Unlike other solutions, we don’t restrict how you wish to work.​

Made to adapt

iplicit allows you to be you, so you operate with maximum efficiency. Other enterprise systems try to guess requirements with frustrating limitations. With iplicit, you simply record the data that’s important to you, without restriction

Customisable reporting

Run a whole set of reports for instant analysis using our wide-ranging set of standard options or use our templates to quickly create custom versions. Report through popular software, including Excel, directly from iplicit.

Time-saving features

iplicit improves the efficiency of your people. Our intuitive features are simple to use for even the most complex accounting tasks.

Seamless upgrades

Upgrading really is seamless because there’s only one live version of our application. This level of simplicity is all down to our smarter architecture, the product of 30 years’ experience in finance system implementation.

Your Business Workflow

iplicit comes with a set of standard workflows that meet common business requirements. However, you can also create your own workflow variations to reflect your specific business processes.

Complete Control

You decide how much you delegate and what each user can see and do in iplicit. Simply assign your users to the predefined roles according to their responsibilities.

Rapid implementation

With iplicit, there is no building from scratch. A fully-functioning test environment can be ready in hours. You can be up-and-running in days, with assistance and training from our dedicated team.

Cloud-based software

Built as a true-cloud solution, from the ground up, with no legacy on-premise system to force compromises, iplicit is the product of decades of experience in both finance software creation and implementation.

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