Ten reasons you should visit iplicit at Accountex London

A great deal has happened since iplicit was last at Accountex London. 

For us, it’s been 12 months of product updates, award wins and triple-digit customer growth. 

iplicit was launched five years ago with one ambitious mission: to disrupt the market for accounting software in the same way Netflix shook up a world dominated by Blockbuster. 

iplicit's return to Accountex at ExCeL London, on May 15-16, comes shortly after it was ranked among the top 20 UK firms on the FT1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, published by the Financial Times. 

There are many reasons to visit us at stand 1220 and find out more – but here are a few. 

Accountex 2024

1. We can explain what the fuss is about 

iplicit has had a lot to announce since the last Accountex. 

User numbers and revenue continued to grow by triple digit percentages, as reflected in that FT1000 listing. 

We entered the education market and were named MAT-Tech Company of the Year at the National MAT Awards.  We also took the FinTech prize at the Tech South West Awards. That’s the region where our customer support and marketing are based. 

We announced several senior leadership appointments to underpin continuing expansion ahead of a US launch in 2025.   

That’s all well and good for us, but why should you care? Because our strategy for growth has been about building a legion of raving fans, rather than customers held hostage by complexity and multi-year contracts.  

We hope you’ll stop by at Accountex to find out why iplicit has made such an impact so rapidly.  

2. We’re the perfect fit for medium-sized organisations  

iplicit was created to fill a gap in the market. 

Its founders knew there were tens of thousands of medium-sized organisations which had either outgrown entry-level finance software or were being held back by clunky on-premises systems.  

Those organisations lacked an affordable route to the benefits of true-cloud accounting software, with its labour-saving automation features and powerful reporting. The only alternatives were the costly and complex ERP systems designed for big business. Even if the vendors of those products agree to cut the price, they’re still saddling you with an over-complicated system.  

iplicit is designed to meet the needs of those mid-market organisations. It automates time-consuming accounting tasks and makes simple work of headaches such as multiple legal entities, multiple currencies, partial VAT, fixed asset management and depreciation, revenue recognition and accruals – all at a transparent and reasonable price.  

3. We can help you grow your accountancy practice or reseller business  

iplicit was created to fill a big gap in the market. That means we offer an opportunity to the accountants and resellers that become our partners.  

The mid-market organisations that have outgrown on-premises systems or entry-level cloud software make up 90,000 sites in the UK alone. Most substantial accountancy practices or IT resellers will have a client which would benefit from iplicit, now or in the future.  

iplicit can help you grow your business, both by adding new clients and by keeping those who would otherwise need to go elsewhere as their needs change. The partnership with iplicit provides you with income from implementation fees and from continuing professional service charges. 

Simon Woodhams, Software Advisory Manager with Moore Kingston Smith, which is an iplicit accountancy partner, told an audience at the recent Digital Accountancy Show how the demand from mid-market organisations for cloud finance software was continuing to grow.  

“I think there’s more appetite than there’s ever been. At the start of Covid, everyone wanted to be cloud-based. Then there was a lull and the start of this year has been our busiest software year ever,” he said.

Many clients using entry-level cloud software had reached its limitations and would have taken their outsourced finance function back in-house if their accountant had not offered a suitable product. 

“This enables us to say ‘Actually let us carry on doing the work’,” he said. 

4. We’re giving people back time

iplicit customers continue to report big time savings and improved efficiency. 

In the non-profit world, the Al-Khair Foundation is taking half an hour to do what used to be three days’ work thanks to iplicit. The Students’ Union at UWE has saved an estimated 30 hours of labour a week while still in the bedding-in phase. P.Johnson & Son has also shrunk the work of three days into half an hour, while the world-famous Edinburgh International Festival has saved two days a month in its finance team.

5. We make reporting easier 

Most accountants love a good spreadsheet. But that doesn’t mean you want to devote any more time than necessary to manipulating data in those Excel documents. 

iplicit was designed to provide accurate data in real time to anyone who needs it. It makes short work of producing dashboards and reports tailored to your requirements – as well as allowing other users “self-service” access to the information they’re authorised to see.

6. We’re into rapid implementation 

Implementing one of those complex ERP systems can take months and disrupt the work of your finance team for a year or more. 

iplicit was designed for quick and efficient implementation. It can be installed in days rather than months. 

Our implementation consultants have been praised in a series of case studies – as have the UK-based support staff who look after customers once the system has gone live. 

7. We’re making it easier to integrate finance with other systems  

iplicit was designed for easy integration with other core business systems. 

Our open API means you can integrate iplicit seamlessly with any other software you might rely on. 

Alternatively, a number of easy integrations are available “out of the box” – with recent examples including the accounts payable platform Lightyear, the Student Expenses app for students’ unions and the SUMS student union management system.  

Even more flexible is our compatibility with iPaaS (integrated platform as a service) providers such as Zapier and Besyncly, allowing you to easily integrate iplicit with your choice from thousands more applications.   

8. We keep releasing powerful automation features 

iplicit’s automation centre has grown a lot since we unveiled it at Accountex in 2022. 

And since Accountex 2023, we’ve unveiled even more automation features to save time for finance teams. 

Our fixed assets management tools make it easy to capitalise or write off an asset and to apply depreciation over its lifetime – either by following an established depreciation rule or by adding one of your own. 

Our partial VAT features have been added to, making it easier than ever to handle one of the most complex calculations facing charities which carry out commercial activities. 

These are among a host of improvements rolled out in our regular product releases, often in response to customer suggestions.   

9. We offer easy data migration 

Some vendors try to hold onto their customers by warning of exorbitant charges for “right to use” licences if you want to leave them and still see your past data.  

iplicit does away with the need for those licences by enabling you to move your old data across into an archive, then start with a clean and uncluttered system for day one of your iplicit experience. 

10.  You can see the software for yourself 

Some vendors wait as long as possible before showing you the software they want you to buy.  

iplicit is different. We’re proud of the product and we want you to see it as soon as possible, so you can start thinking about how it could transform the way you work. You can take a quick tour online – but we’d love you to see it in action at Accountex. 

Got a question? The team from iplicit will be at stand 1220 on both days of Accountex London and will be happy to talk about how iplicit can make life easier for finance teams and accountants. If you haven’t already signed up for Accountex, you can register here

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How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.