New Student Expenses app integrates with iplicit to make claims easy for club and society members

An all-new mobile phone app will make iplicit’s cloud accounting software even more useful for students’ unions.  

Student Expenses, an application created by specialist developer Konnekt365, provides a simple, user-friendly way for students’ union members to submit expenses claims for approval.

It is one of several uses Konnekt365 is making of iplicit’s API (application programming interface) to provide apps which complement iplicit’s own mobile platform. 

Student Expenses is available for Apple and Android devices as well as via a browser. It is tailored for the many union members who need to claim expenses for the running of clubs and societies.


Ian Randle, Managing Director of Konnekt365 Limited, says: “The app is designed as a bridge between a union’s student management software and their finance system.

“It integrates with the union’s system to identify the registered student, then enables them to manage expenses incurred for their registered clubs and societies.

“Details of the officers who can approve expenses are automatically pulled in from the students’ union system. Expenses can then be submitted, reviewed and approved through the app.”

Students can photograph receipts on their phones, with artificial intelligence reading the information and using it to fill in the blank fields on an expense claim.

“Since the app is fully integrated into iplicit, the payment routines are all handled via normal accounting procedures within the finance software,” says Ian Randle.

“Our app also provides presidents and treasurers with real-time visibility of club income and expenditure. Reports allow them to review the current financial situation from iplicit, including any non-expense entries.”

Paul Sparkes, Commercial Director at iplicit, says: “iplicit has a rapidly growing number of student unions among its customers.

“They have been attracted by the way the software automates routine tasks and drastically simplifies the process of reporting and budgeting.

“One students’ union recently told us how iplicit had saved more than 30 hours a week in the finance team while it was still in a ‘bedding-in’ phase.

“The integration with Konnekt365’s Student Expenses app adds a new dimension to iplicit’s offering. It allows any number of club members to submit expense claims via the app for approval and payment, without them having to be added as users of the finance system.

“Konnekt365’s work complements our own mobile applications and makes iplicit even more useful.”

Konnekt365 creates “platform-agnostic” mobile apps that integrate with finance systems.

It previously created a student expenses app and an accounting information add-on for Exchequer finance software and is now migrating Exchequer users to other apps.

Its founders previously ran Konnekt-IT, which was acquired for its apps by Advanced in 2014. The founders left Advanced in 2019 to establish Konnekt365.

Details of Konnekt365’s Student Expenses application can be found at

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