iplicit strengthens senior leadership team to support triple digit growth and planned US launch

iplicit has strengthened its senior leadership team with three key appointments to support its continued rapid growth in the UK and to underpin overseas expansion.

iplicit has grown more than 100% each year since it entered the market in 2019, targeting medium-sized organisations that have no affordable path to a powerful true cloud accounting solution. 

Staff have grown to six to 94 in the five years since launch, with the first organisation going live in 2019 and the thousandth in 2023.  A further 100%-plus growth is planned in 2024.  New additions to the leadership team comprise: 

  • Scott Regnier, who has moved to the UK from Colorado to head iplicit’s direct sales operation while evolving the strategy and approach for the company’s US launch in 2025.
  • Nicky Cox, an expert in implementing complex ERP systems in the UK and internationally over three decades, who becomes the company’s first Chief Customer Officer.
  • Colin Mann, who completes the trio of senior appointments, bringing 25 years of B2B experience to his role as head of an expanded marketing team.

iplicit CEO Lyndon Stickley says: “We can realistically expect to add another 1,000 organisations and 20,000 users to our iplicit customer base in 2024.  

“Scott is over from the US to work with us throughout 2024 in preparation for our launch into the American market in 2025, while Nicky is taking a lead role in the rapid expansion of our customer service delivery. And with the sales and marketing team now consisting of 28 staff, Colin has been brought in to manage a significantly enhanced budget and team.” 

Scott Regnier, iplicit Head of Direct Sales

Scott Regnier V2Scott Regnier has held senior roles with the CRM giant Salesforce, the trust and safety platform Checkr, Inc. and the payroll-as-a-service provider Check. He has also taught entrepreneurship courses at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“Having worked with iplicit’s executive team before – and particularly with CEO Lyndon Stickley and Chairman Tony Ebel – I was instantly interested in the business because I knew I would be working with a group with massive integrity as well as a long history of successfully growing businesses,” he says.  

“What drew me in further was that I came to understand the need for iplicit in the market. There are almost 100,000 organisations in the UK that are currently held hostage to an on-premise finance solution that is no longer fit for purpose.  In the US, the same problem exists but the opportunity is tenfold with over 1million organisations in the same predicament. 

Scott is already working on channel partnerships to introduce iplicit to the US, ahead of an official American launch next year. 

“We are looking for early partners – in particular on the accountancy side – to work with us as we head into the 2025 official launch,” he says. 

Lyndon Stickley says: “Scott is a sales leader with 30 years’ experience in the US, including involvement with high-growth SaaS businesses.  He is earmarked to be iplicit’s US market lead in 2025 but is moving to the UK to lead the direct sales initiative, allowing Commercial Director Paul Sparkes to focus on the increasing demand from channel partners.” 

Paul Sparkes comments: “Scott has already been an amazing addition to the team. Our sales and marketing team is now significant in size and he will help us cope with burgeoning demand from all aspects of the market, including direct sales to a diverse range of verticals and through a multitude of channel partners.” 

Nicky Cox, iplicit Chief Customer Officer   

Nicky Cox (1)Nicky Cox has been involved with ERP systems since 1998 and was an IT manager and management accountant before that. He grew the consulting division of Agilisys, the public sector managed service provider, and set-up its graduate programme. He’s led Professional Services teams at ERP provider Unit4 and at the digital operations platform provider Sapphire

“The great thing I see in iplicit is that it’s a product that actually works and customers love it – that can’t be said for every product on the market,” he says. 

“What’s particularly attractive to me is iplicit’s very short implementation time, so the ‘time to value’ for a client is greatly decreased. 

“Everybody I’ve met at iplicit is all pointed in the right direction and working together. With other vendors, that’s not always the case. There’s something really special about iplicit and I’m really proud to have been given the chance to be part of that.” 

He added: “A big part of iplicit’s expansion will be about building our partner network and ensuring our partners deliver to the same high level of quality our customers have grown to expect from our internal teams. 

“Whether they get an implementation from an iplicit team or from a partner, it will look and feel like the same first-class experience.” 

Lyndon Stickley says: “After more than 25 years delivering complex ERP solutions in the UK and internationally, Nicky brings a wealth of experience. Having grown service, support and operations teams, he’s well positioned to take the lead role as we build out our service staff to support the growing demand on iplicit and the emerging exponential demand from our channel partner base.  

“Sam Curtis, our Customer Services Director, has done an excellent job building our team from scratch into a formidable department servicing a wide volume of customers both in the UK and Ireland. Now is the time to further strengthen our experience and capabilities to enable our current team to continue growing at the pace of the demand that we're experiencing.”


Colin Mann, iplicit Head of Marketing 

Colin Mann V2Colin Mann has worked in B2B marketing since 1999 and all his roles since 2014 have been with global businesses involved in technology, telecommunications and customer experience, including telecoms corporation Mitel.  

“I joined iplicit because I could see the growth potential here. Having come from a corporate background in much larger businesses, this was an exciting opportunity,” he says. 

“What gets me out of bed in the morning is driving demand and driving growth, so iplicit was the perfect fit for me.  

“From a product perspective, what attracted me was the software’s speed of implementation, which is a great differentiator for us.  

“With a great market opportunity, great product and great differentiation, we just need to tell the iplicit story – and we’re telling that story through 20 events this year, a multitude of vertical marketing campaigns and more.” 

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How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.