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Borg Transmissions modernises with iplicit Cloud-Accounting

October 2019, Sarah-Jayne White, Director of both Borg Transmissions and Borg Automation discusses her experience of changing Accounting Software.

What led to your decision to change systems?

After being on Exchequer for many years, it certainly wasn’t a decision that we took lightly. In fact, we have been using the software since it was a DOS based system, so any form of change in the way we worked as a company would require a great deal of scrutiny.

Owing to our extensive experience as Exchequer users, we rarely had a need to contact support from the provider, however with the advent of HMRC introducing MTD we were forced to update our system and learned that it was going to be quite a costly process. As a result, I suppose the requirement to upgrade and spend more money on an old system was the impetus for us to consider just how well our system was currently serving us, and whether it was time to consider more contemporary alternatives rather than invest more into an on-premise system that we considered quite long in the tooth.

Our main criteria when looking for our new system was very simple, all we required:

  • A Cloud-based system
  • Flexibility & ease of use
  • Comprehensive & flexible reporting

What made you choose iplicit over the other systems being considered?

We looked at several products before taking the step of selecting iplicit as our chosen system. It was very much a case of the smaller-cloud packages (Xero and Quickbooks) did not offer the functionality that we required in numerous areas.

iplicit met & exceeded our requirements with the added bonus of the familiarity to Exchequer but with far more flexibility. Once we had a demonstration of the iplicit solution, there was no doubt that this was the product for us.

Additionally, the whole exercise of moving from Exchequer to iplicit was made as automatic and as streamlined as possible as a result of working with a team with product knowledge of both systems. I think the value of this should never be underestimated as the additional implementation time would be significant, if the new provider had to learn our existing system and processes.

Everything we wanted before but could never achieve with our old setup.”

“Once we had a demonstration of the iplicit solution, there was no doubt that this was the product for us.”

How long have you been operating with the new system and how has your experience been with iplicit?

As of October 2019 we have been using iplicit for just over 6-months, running across two different companies, so we feel we are getting to know it quite well! There is no doubt that we made the best decision we could have and on several occasions many of us have commented that we wish we’d taken the step much sooner. Implementing a new system was a daunting prospect but, with the correct planning & timing, we got up and running without too many problems.

Day-to-day use is straight-forward and the biggest value of all is the flexibility of displays, filters, reporting, exports to spreadsheets directly from screen displays… everything we wanted before but could never achieve with our old setup. And, there are so many additional features such as intelligent bank reconciliations, templates, direct importing from spreadsheets, tasks, schedulers the list goes on.

Our enthusiasm for the new system is also bolstered by the level of support that we receive from iplicit; it has been superb. The fact that, within seconds, the support team can be looking at the item you are having trouble with or tweaking a setting to achieve what you are looking for has been truly amazing & definitely a bonus to using a cloud-based system.

Are you now using the system to its full capacity?

It’s certainly being used in earnest and is doing all the day-to-day running of the business – everything we had before and more. But, there is still a raft of functionality within the product that we’ve yet to embrace; for example, I’m excited to initiate the Projects aspect of the system some time soon. This will add extra security to our workflow to ensure that all our work and re-charges are properly tracked and invoiced.

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Insight Associates

Insight Associates

Garry Mumford

‘Could I have an ‘I Love iplicit badge please?’ The experience we’ve had with you guys so far has been second-to-none. It has been an absolute delight. I can’t fault the desire on the part of the iplicit team to help find a solution, no matter what the challenges were during the migration.’

Profiles Creative

Profiles Creative

Lee Cook

“I’d say we can now do at least 3.5 days of the old way of doing things in less than a single afternoon!”

Trees for Cities

Trees for Cities

Annabel Kiddle

‘We now use the workflow authorisation functionality, so everything can be done electronically now. Previously we used to have to get people to physically sign things off and then email their approvals. With the new iplicit system, all the documents are accessible digitally, at the point of approval, so the process is remarkably faster.’