Why the sky’s the limit in our cloud


No doubt you’re always on the lookout for ways to give your business a competitive advantage.  iplicit’s powerful functionality delivers this and, being cloud-based, increases the benefits even further. From day one, we designed iplicit to be fully scalable, providing our clients with the freedom to grow without any hassle from their business systems.

You simply enable functionality and additional users as and when needed. iplicit's cloud accounting software solution gives you the freedom to expand your business without the significant cost (in time and money) of the IT infrastructure required for ‘traditional’ business systems. No matter what you do, and how you expand, all your iplicit data is there for you, in the cloud.

But what is the cloud?

This term has become ubiquitous recently, but despite that, perhaps it needs some explanation.

In its simplest sense, ‘the cloud’ is a buzzword for IT resources that are provisioned over the internet. In the cloud, you store and access your data, applications and programs over the internet, rather than on the hard drive of a computer or local server. A good cloud service should be transparent to the end user in the traditional office environment, and delivered anywhere outside the office through the internet.

Where and how good is it?

iplicit is base upon Microsoft’s Azure platform.   This results in a world-class technology that provides uptime availability of 99.999. With automated data replication, disaster recovery is covered too. You can be confident that not only is your data highly secure and always backed up, but that it’s easy to retrieve, eliminating worries about costly business interruptions. That’s all without the need to invest in, and manage, a network, servers and technical support team.

Data protection

Moving to a cloud-based solution can be a potentially daunting proposition for a business and rightly so; you are entrusting sensitive data and core operational functions to a third party. With iplicit, we endeavour to alleviate these fears and deliver all the benefits of the cloud. All data transferred into and out of the iplicit cloud is encrypted in the same manner as online payments, protecting it from any prying eyes.


The cloud is a game-changer in business systems and IT generally. IDC predicts worldwide Public Cloud Services Spending will reach $180B in 2018, an increase of23.7 over 2017. According to IDC, the market is expected to achieve a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.9 with public cloud services spending totalling $277B in 2021.  Our team is dedicated to making your move to the cloud as easy as possible and maximising iplicit’s benefits for you.

To find out more, please contact us. We will be delighted to help in any way we can.


How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.