Welcome to iplicit


We’re part of Concept Software, a UK software business that’s been around for over 25 years. During that time we’ve focused on two main activities:

  • bespoke business software development
  • implementation consultancy and services of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for large and mid-sized organisations in a wide range of market sectors

Over the past decade, many suppliers of ERP solutions for large businesses have been trying to make their products appeal to mid-sized businesses. However, they face two significant challenges. Firstly, although their solutions are powerful and capable, most medium-sized organisations find them far too complex for their needs and too expensive for their budgets. Secondly, their solutions often take many months or even years before they are fully implemented and running effectively.

At the other end of the market are products which are low-cost, quick to implement, and generally (but not always) easy to use. Sadly most of these lack much of the functionality that mid-sized organisations need.

This mismatch of requirement and capability leaves a meaningful gap within which most mid-sized businesses are poorly served, with a limited choice of vendors offering products that are truly designed to meet their needs.

At iplicit, we’re dedicated entirely to meeting the demands of the mid-market and filling that gap. We’ve taken our wealth of experience with large company solutions, our analysis of small company products and our detailed knowledge of the needs of mid-sized organisations to create an ERP solution that on the one hand is packed full of sophisticated functionality, yet on the other is delightfully straightforward to use and rapid to implement.

Our business is geared to providing first-class customer service, excellent training and support. And our product development path takes full account of our clients’ needs and feedback, something you receive automatically as an integral part of being an iplicit customer.

We know that on-premise accounting solutions have a limited shelf-life and that there are few options for the serious small business to choose from.  The market could be considered crowded, but when you look closely at the detail of whats on offer, we believe that there is nothing else that can offer the legacy system user the peace of mind of a direct mapping of all core functionality, while facilitating next generation functionality and integration.

So, the iplicit product is new to the market (although we’re not), and now we’re naturally very excited to be able to show it publicly. Please contact us for a no-obligation demonstration.

Is iplicit suitable for you?

  • You are currently running an on-premise system with limited support and no clear upgrade path
  • You need much more functionality than is available from financial systems for small businesses, yet can’t justify the significant expense or long implementation times of many larger ERP solutions
  • You would like a system that works the way you do, that can integrate seamlessly with your other software solutions and frees up your time to run your business
  • You would like to forecast business performance such as cashflow, so you can make well-informed business decisions and plan more effectively
  • You like the idea of everything being fully protected, updated and backed-up in the cloud, having access wherever you are and eliminating the need for costly infrastructure and onerous internal responsibilities
  • You want to work with a supplier who goes the extra mile in the service they provide and is genuinely interested in you, your comments and feedback

How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.