iplicit's workshop on financial sustainability for Charity Finance Group

Financial sustainability is a subject on the mind of almost every non-profit after several years of disruption and uncertainty.

Charity finance adviser Mark Salway (pictured) and iplicit’s Commercial Director Paul Sparkes have been invited to present a workshop on the subject for Charity Finance Group (CFG) members.

mark salway iplicitFollowing iplicit’s long-standing partnership with the CFG, the pair were asked to share advice at the group’s summer members’ meeting on Thursday, July 20.

The session will prompt non-profits to think about their business model and how this feeds into the numbers.

Mark will argue that it is important to understand your business model first if you are going to maximise performance from your finance systems. He will outline the six main business models for charities, explaining what drives each and how this is reported in your numbers.

The conversation will then turn to finance systems, explaining how those systems should work to improve management information. The workshop will work through the things charities need to think about as they change.

Mark has spent more than 20 years in charity finance, helping more than 200 charities with their business models. He has also worked extensively on systems implementation and understands how the two dovetail. He heads iplicit’s non-profit advisory work.

Paul has 35 years of experience in accounting and financial management software, helping thousands of non-profits through specialist, tech-based consultancy.

Their workshop will be followed by a session on technology-enabled change, with Ben Clarkson, chief operating officer of Asthma and Lung UK, talking about the merger of two leading charities.

The event takes place at the offices of Gerald Eve LLP in Mortimer Street, London, from 3.30-6pm.

For details and to book, head to the CFG’s website.

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