How to choose accounting software for your medium-sized organisation


Selecting accounting software for your medium-sized organisation may seem like a difficult task when there appears to be an ever-increasing number of options on the market. Although many solutions purport to be cloud accounting software, when you dig beneath the surface, you realise that not all packages offer comprehensive online functionality or accessibility. 

In fact, not all solutions being marketed as cloud tools were actually built for the cloud! These are what’s known as fake cloud technology.

Are you a finance director or chief financial officer who has started to suffer from the limitations of your current accounting software? Is your company’s growth being hindered by the lack of accurate, timely information? 

Perhaps your team is still working remotely and finding your current solution cumbersome when it comes to accessing real-time data? Or maybe your stakeholders need enhanced information more quickly to make business-critical decisions and you’re constantly scrabbling around to get reporting from your system? 

Choosing the wrong software can be an expensive mistake that costs you time, money and maybe even customers. 

 Here are some considerations to make when upgrading your accounting software package 

  • Do you need to access data in real time from anywhere?
  • Do you need better control over your business numbers?
  • Could you streamline your processes and systems if your accounting software had better integration options?
  • Could you save money by having online authorisation of invoices and purchase orders?
  • Would you like to free up employees by creating customisable reporting that users outside of your finance team can download themselves?


If this sounds like you, then it’s now worth considering moving to an accounting software package that can meet those needs and provide greater functionality and seamless integrations. 

 Time to move to the next level? 

If your organisation is using a plethora of tools to create financial reporting, including Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint slides, expense reporting apps and project management software, you can streamline this functionality into one comprehensive system that reduces the risk of duplication and omission, allowing you to achieve the growth you want.

 Making the choice easier 

At iplicit, our true cloud accounting software focuses on streamlining your finance processes and providing all the capabilities you need in one place. The system offers comprehensive accounting functionality, project management accounting, HR tracking, budgeting, forecasting, time tracking, expense management and approvals, online enquiries, standard and plus user-customisable reporting, and stock and inventory management.

For a demo of how iplicit’s accounting software could transform your organisation and finance function, get in touch with account managers who can explain all the benefits and options today. Call us on 020 7729 3260, email or complete our contact form for a call back. 

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How it all works

iplicit’s architecture is quite special; it’s true cloud and only in the browser, but it looks and feels like a desktop application. No layer upon layer of tabs opening and probably the most intuitive navigation that you will find in the marketplace today. Take a look for yourself.